How To Extract Audio From Video on Mac iMovie 10.0

Right click the video, you can select the option "mute" appeared on the drop-down menu. Or you can select "Audio Detech" from the drop-dwon list, then you can see the audio file extracted in the timeline, then delete it. Another alternative for removing background audio track from the video is double-clicking on the video file. This will bring up an "audio" tab that you will use to lower the volume to zero.

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These are just temporary measures to remove audio track from video on Mac since it is still possible to regain the audio again. Click "Export" to choose an output format to save the video clip to your computer. Final Cut Pro is equally good in removing audio from video and you will have the privilege of going for it. You will be required to select the clip that you don't want to have audio running. If they are many video clips, you should select them at the same time since FCP can multitask which is not an excuse to overwork it.

Once selected, press the "shift" button on the keyboard first followed by "CMD" and then "G" which will automatically have the audio and video files separated into two. You can then select all the audio tracks that have been extracted from the video and press "delete" on the keyboard to discard.

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It is that easy. Better still, you have iMovie which will help you to extract audio files from a video very easily. This is a permanent solution so you will not be able to recover the audio for the second time once extracted from video. You have to take a second thought before opting for this otherwise you might end up regretting the move in future. Only use iMovie once you are more than sure that you will not need to have the audio again for the video.

To screen record your Mac with audio:

Step 1: Start by launching the iMovie program and click on "file' from the menu bar. From the drop-down menu appearing, choose "import" and then follow it up with "movies". This will help you locate the video that you are after extracting audio.

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  4. Step 2: Once you have seen it in the event viewer, drag the video to the project library and right-click on it to see the given options. From these options, select "detach audio" and you will have split the audio and video into two. Step 3: Click on the purple color from the options you get after right-clicking on the audio file to delete completely. Step 4: After that, your options will be limited to three; add new background music, record an appropriate voiceover or leave the video plain without an audio track.

    Remove Audio from Video on Mac & Windows

    The choice will be yours to make but never harbor the thought of getting back the extracted audio. Slideshow Maker Stock Video.

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    PDF Converter. Free Trial Free Trial. After your video file is done rendering, go to where you saved it. Your audio file should should appear after a few seconds as an.

    Audio Remover Mac & Windows: How to Remove Audio From Video?

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    How To Extract Audio From Video on Mac:

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