This feature addresses past concerns of Parallels Desktop users whom were used to our non-native full screen, with two or more displays showing multiple virtual machine spaces at the same time.

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This new setting being enables will activate a Full Screen virtual machine on any display automatically. The default state will be OFF for existing virtual machines and ON for new virtual machines that are created.

Your external monitor does not need to be an Apple-branded Thunderbolt display. Our Full Screen mode supports native and non-native displays.

Use external monitors with your Mac

Windows on Mac with a 4K display? Yes, please! Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to our team! Tweet us ParallelsCares or visit parallels. Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 Pro.

Config / Specs:

Interested in saving time and money by running Windows on Mac without restarting your Mac? Free 14 day trial: Try Parallels Desktop Now. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Full screen video on secondary monitor of Mac Olga Weis 27 March at To start using two or more monitors on Mac follow these steps: Check the available ports.

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If your computer has one or more Thunderbolt ports, connect monitors to them. In case the monitors also have Thunderbolt ports, you have an option of connecting one monitor to another and then to the port of your Mac. Connect the monitor. This is easy - power down your Mac first and plug your monitor in your Mac.

Use Multiple Monitors with Full Screen Apps in Mac OS X Lion

Configure new monitor. Click the Apple in the upper menu bar and open System Preferences.

How to Use Multiple Desktops (or Spaces) on a Mac

Choose "Displays" and click the "Arrangement" tab. Set up the screen placement in order for your mouse cursor to flow naturally from one monitor to another. Move fullscreen to second monitor of Mac with Elmedia Player PRO Elmedia Player PRO is the perfect dual monitor video player that lets you watch videos in fullscreen when using other display simultaneously.

xn--c1adm4ar4d.xn--p1ai/modules/sapap-website-design.php Start playing the video and switch to fullscreen mode. Enjoy watching movies on full screen monitor while working on the other one. Elmedia Player PRO has two full screen modes: In case just one display is plugged in the computer, the player opens full screen video on the available display.