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The details about the install size of VMware Horizon Client are currently not available. It's a very heavily used program in Argentina. What do you think about VMware Horizon Client?

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View full description. The installer will run and may prompt you to reboot your desktop.

How can I connect to Virtual Desktop using VMware Horizon View client?

Once this is all done, double-click the cloud icon on your desktop. This will launch the virtual desktop connection software. Double-click the cloud icon. This will launch the connection to the SL-IT data center and a list of virtual desktops available to you will be displayed.

VMware Horizon Client (free) download Mac version

Your desktop will then launch and log you in and you will be using your virtual desktop. Drag the icon to the Applications folder.

Select Make Alias from the list you will then see a shortcut of the VMware View Client drag and drop the shortcut to the desktop. Gold Images have all the local applications needed for the client to use a virtual desktop although gold images are never accessed except by VMware View Administrators. Linked-clone A linked clone is a copy of a virtual machine that shares virtual disks with the parent virtual machine in an ongoing manner.

This conserves disk space, and allows multiple virtual machines to use the same software installation. Full Desktop A full desktop is an entire running instance of a virtual machine that does not share virtual disks.

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Conceptually they are exactly the same as a physical desktop assigned to a client. In general full desktops are used when software or use requirements are unique enough that they cannot be replicated.

Local Drive Sharing in VMware Horizon Client ("Virtual")

Full desktops are also deployed when a client requires the ability to install software at will.