I cant lock my cells using f4 shortcut nor look into them using F2 in Excel Could someone please help? I'm using Dell inspiron with windows View best response. I'm moving this conversation into the Excel space so more Excel users can see this question and answer. Check this link.

Works great when just using my HP Envy x But when I dock and use a Bluetooth keyboard Microsoft comfort keyboard , I can't find a hot-key combination that locks the cell. Any ideas? Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Yeeeaaaahh buddy!! No worries. As a heavy PC user, I use this program to remap most of my keys on the Mac to make the transition back and forth easier, particularly on my MacPro.

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When you try to open a file with the context of an application like Word, Excel, or any other application, the application will pop open an instance of the File Chooser dialog box, which is actually just another view of Finder. So why would you have one usage be Command Open while the other is Enter?

Absolute Reference Shortcut (Mac & PC)

Lastly, for anyone who lives by the keyboard, having to use two hands to manipulate the keyboard to select a file is highly highly inefficient, and THAT is truly retarded. Imagine if in a photo album application, where all of the photo thumbnails were displayed, after you were able to keyboard your way to a particular photo, you had to hit Command-O to open that photo? Again, this is for the heavy super-users. Which would you use for Delete if you didnt have an eject button?

Yes, Mac Air. How do I get around this? I read that the eject key was hard-wired and that there was no way to remap it to fwd-delete.


The noEjectDelay is also fantastic. Excel also works like a charm now. Alt is your friend. I will always use my mouse to navigate pop-up windows. I want it to be the equivalent of double clicking the fill handle. Example: I have 20 birthdates in column A. I want to find out how old everyone is, so in cell B2 I put. I then select cell B2, double click the fill handle, and the age formula is automatically filled down in cells B3:B I tend to be a 'one hand on keyboard and one on mouse' person, but so far this is one of the things that I'd really like to do without double clicking.

I'm actually one of those people who barely touches the mouse. But not in the near-religious way some people do. I know that there are times when I can get the job done 10x faster with the mouse the formatting menu is actually a really go example of it. When that happens, I'll use the mouse. And TBH, I rarely think about my mouse usage - its usually other people pointing it out to me I once had my bosses kid in for work experience - he sat with me for an hour to get an idea of what I did.

At the end of it, I asked if he had a question. He just went "you never touch the mouse, do you? Keyboard shortcuts are absolutely positively can be faster for a lot of stuff.

So don't just dismiss them because you find a few cases where they're not. I know a handful that I use quite a bit, I'd never give them up. But there's a bunch of stuff I just use the mouse for too and I can't say I have any desire to change. It will give you a bunch of junk characters, but you should also be able to find an ip address in there.

Change that to the PDA's ip address, and you should be able to sync intellisync changes this back after every time you are done doing something, so, if you sync, it will use this ip address, and when you are done, it will change it back to a default, and you will have to modify the file again. If you are using a non-reserved ip address, it will ask you to change your PDA's ip address, but should let you use the correct one anyway.

Then, when Intellisync starts, it will complain about the Ip address change, but will be unable to change the file. Also, you can remove Full control access to the file for the user loggued on, it will work anyway. Sebastian sbsoft. Is Intellisync still available for free downloading? A: see updated link above! Q: Kent B. My desktop and iPAQ both say that they are synchronizing. I get the messages from Intellisync saying how many records added, deleted, changed, etc. Any ideas what the problem could be? After that, all is working perfectly for me.

Martin Q: Jens W. This thing works like the usbnet driver known on your Linux desktop system. Who can help me info at callidryas dot de. Qtopia non Outlook users must download both the setupq. Or you can download the following file.

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This zip file is the entire CD. You should burn it to a CD and install from the CD. But unfortunately, I got a "hardware installation not possible because I could not find the software" dialog window :- Merde. What to do now? OK, now I copied the netTacTop. Same result :- Posted the problem at zaurus.

What is the sign of not equal to in Excel?

Installed the Intellisync and the Update from the new CD. But unfortunately, no "a new Hardware was found: SL"-dialog pops up any more, so I can't chose this new CD as driver :- Reboot: no change. No change. Reading database Package php4 is not installed. Done Building Dependency Tree Done The following NEW packages will be installed: libmm11 libmysqlclient10 mysql-common php4 php4-mysql wwwconfig-common 0 packages upgraded, 6 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.

Need to get kB of archives. After unpacking kB will be used.

Raccourci clavier F5 et F6 sur Mac

I see you have apache webserver installed and so far you haven't used the apache module version of php4 in your apache. If you want to use it, you should reconfigure the apache webserver and select to load the php module. Save these changes to the configuration files? Restart Apache now? Waiting for apache to terminate Setting up libmysqlclient10 3. Setting up php4-mysql 4.

You can also restart web servers manually. Do you want me to restart apache now? Done 0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded. Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.