The guest network uses different authentication credentials, ensuring the security of the primary network. In October , several news sites reported that many first generation Time Capsules were failing after 18 months, [6] with some users alleging that this was due to a design failure in the power supplies. Apple offered free repair or replacement to affected units. The third generation Time Capsule was released in October This generation saw the name change to AirPort Time Capsule and to a taller form factor. The currently available fifth generation Time Capsule includes a fully featured, The Time Capsule supports the Sleep Proxy Service , [12] a technology that allows clients to partially shut down to conserve energy, yet still be responsive to network traffic.

Commonly connected peripherals include printers and external hard drives. The 7. In the past, users needed a MobileMe account to remotely access data. The software is specially built by Apple and is not user modifiable.

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While the firmware has been decrypted, [14] a suitable privilege escalation exploit to run custom firmware is not developed for the latest firmware. One of the key features of Time Capsule is the ability to back up a system and files wirelessly and automatically, eliminating the need to attach an external backup drive.

This feature requires OS X The backup software is Apple's Time Machine , which, by default, makes hourly images of the files that are being changed, and condenses backup images as they become older, to save space. Even when using an The backup disk can also be used by Windows -based computers, and the files on it can be managed by another OS such as Windows.

The hard drive typically found in a Time Capsule is the Hitachi Deskstar , which is sold by Hitachi as a consumer-grade product—the Hitachi Ultrastar is the enterprise version. Apple states that the Hitachi Deskstar meets or exceeds the 1 million hours mean time between failures MTBF recommendation for server-grade hard drives. The Time Capsules up to the 4th generation measure 7. Its size is partly due to the inclusion of an internal power supply, which eliminates the requirement for a separate external power supply, enabling a direct connection between the household power outlet and the back of the Time Capsule.

The June release of the 5th generation models features a name change to AirPort Time Capsule, and a redesign with measurements 3. The square dimensions echo the size of both the latest AirPort Express and Apple TVs 2nd generation onwards , just with the height being significantly higher. Airport is compatible with devices using the Disk Erase includes up to 35 passes and device includes encrypted storage plus optional WAN sharing, making Airport extremely secure and flexible for home, class and office environments.

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Airport Utility is a free download. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work.

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Learn more Connect an Ethernet cable to the Time Capsule. Connect the Ethernet cable to the broadband modem or router. A typical broadband modem has four WAN ports on the back that you can connect an Ethernet cable too. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable connected to your Time Capsule to the broadband modem. Plug the Time Capsule into a power outlet. Use the AC adapter to plug the Time Capsule into an open power outlet on the wall. Make sure you have a free outlet near your broadband modem to connect your Time Capsule.

It's recommended that you plug the Time Capsule and all your valued electronics into a surge protector to prevent any damage in the event of an electrical surge. Open the Finder. Click Applications. It's in the sidebar to the left in the Finder. This will display all the applications installed on your Mac. Double-click the Utilities folder. It's the blue folder with the icon of a wrench and screwdriver on it at the bottom of the page.

This is where all your Mac's system applications are stored. Double-click AirPort Utility. It's the app with a blue Wi-Fi symbol on a white background.

How to Connect Time Capsule to a MacBook Pro

It's located near the top of the page when displayed alphabetically. Click Other wireless devices.

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It's in the upper-left corner of the AirPort Utility app. Click AirPort Time Capsule. You may see six letters and numbers after "AirPort Time Capsule" like "fea88c" or something similar. Select Create New Network and click Next.

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Click the radial button next to "Create New Network" at the top of the list of options. Click "Next" when you are done. Background : We want to use a separate router to manage a more complex network. Yes, this is possible and actually quite simple. The result will be a Time Capsule you can still wirelessly backup your Macs to, but does not function as a router or access points, so none of your devices will connect to it. This is the setup that I use; I have 3 eero routers and thus needed the Time Capsule to not be an access point, and these steps stopped it from being that but let me keep backing up to it as usual.

From this wireless tab, just choose off in the Network mode pop-up and hit update. Source is a Macworld article on the topic.

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